Please be ready to ride on time. Members who turn up late may be sent home if it disrupts the lesson, it is polite to be on time.....


Tack clean, Ponies brushed and tidy, with hoof oil on.Riders: Clean breeches (not coloured), Shirt and tie, PC sweatshirt or riding jacket, gloves, hairnet,clean boots.  Can riders under the age of twelve please use a neck strap.


Find which ride you are in on foot and then once you know who you are with then take your pony over to your instructor. Parents PLEASE offer a hand moving jumps etc.


Remember to thank our host for the day, the organiser, and your instructor. We ask that  NO ONE  leaves the venue until all the jumps and equipment are put away. Remember the faster it is put away the sooner we all can go home. 


Junior rallies are for those 10 yrs and under, competition rallies are for those aged 10 and over 


If there is a fee for the rally, please bring the correct amount and give it to your instructor before the rally starts.

If you have ANY questions, please ask a committee member we will do all we can help.