At Northallerton Equestrian Centre

On Saturday 16th June 2018

Open to all. P.C. members, non-members and adults.

          Entry Fee

Class 1. Beginners 50cm 20.00 S.J. not timed, X.C. all in an enclosed area, 300 m p m. An ideal starter for novice horses and riders, what ever their age. Start time 11.00am

Class 2. 70cm 20.00 S.J. not timed,  X.C. in main fields and wood,  325 m p m.

Class 3 80cm 20.00 S.J. not timed,  X.C. whole course, 435 m.p.m. A useful school for those doing the 80cm class at the Pony Club Area ODE. Not before 1.00pm

Class 4. 90cm 20.00 S.J. not timed,  X.C. whole course, 450 m.p.m. A useful school for those doing the 90cm class at the Pony Club Area ODE.

The results will be achieved by calculating the clear round nearest to the optimum time.    Prizes in kind, rosettes to 6th place. Prize to best Pony Club member in each class. Stop watches may NOT be used.

Entries online to and close on the 14th June.

Times will be available on the N.E.C. website  on the 15th June

Refreshments available all day.

For further details contact Robert Blane on 07740 508462

The Aram Grange Complete Competition Challenge and Endurance Pleasure Ride

Sponsored by Bailey’s Horse Feed,

Run by the Bedale and West of Yore Pony Club

On Saturday 14th July

At Aram Grange, Topcliffe, Nr.Thirsk, YO7 3RD

A new concept in Equestrian competition. The emphasis is on enjoyment with a small competitive streak added in. We will be using one of the best Endurance tracks in the north with only a few hundred yards of road work.  Open to all ages, PC,RC, EGB or just leisure riders.  The competition  will be run in the following manner.

  • A round of show jumping. 2 bonus points for every jump cleared first time.  1 bonus point if the jump is cleared on the second try. The competitor will then go straight onto a short Endurance ride. Total bonuses for show jumping of 16 points.
  • Competitors will be marked on their way around  the ride on such things as their politeness, their management of the horse/pony on the roads and tracks, their ability to open and shut a gate, their knowledge of crops that are growing etc, etc. Total bonuses of 10 points.

The Endurance ride will be timed at 10km per hour. A bonus point will be subtracted for every 2 minutes above or below the optimum time. Bonus points will also be deducted from those halting before the finish in order to arrive spot on the optimum time.

  • The horse’s heart rate will be taken as you cross the finishing line. One extra bonus point added for every beat slower than 50 beats per minute, with a maximum of 10 bonus points.
  • As is always the case with rides run by the BWY pony club, the course will be well marked with direction arrows and maps will be available to pick up on the day.
  • All children 12 yrs or under must be accompanied by an adult with a maximum of 4 children to 1 adult.
  • Refreshments available all day.
  • Bring plenty of water as this might not be available at the venue.
  • Classes 1,2 or 5 may be used as a PC novice qualifying ride.
  • Entries through horsevents  ( ). Entries close on Tuesday 10th July.
  • For more details contact Robert Blane on 07740 508462 or 

    Entry Fee

Class 1 Open Show Jumping  70cm Endurance ride 20km 20.00 Start time.   10.00 to 10.30 am

Class 2 Intermediate Show Jumping  60cm Endurance ride 20km 20.00 Start time. 10.30 to 11.00 am

Class 3 Novice.   Show Jumping 50cm.   Endurance ride 12km 20.00 Start time 11.00 to 11.30 am

Rosettes to first 6 in each class and to all those who complete. Vouchers sponsored by Baileys Horse Feed to first 3 in each class, and the best Pony Club member and best Riding Club member in each class.

Pleasure Rides   

Class 4 12km 15.00 Start time 10.00 to 11.00 am

Class 5 20km 15.00 Start time 11.00 to 12.00 noon

Schedules for other branches and organisations will appear here.