There are many disciplines within the Pony Club, Show Jumping, Polo, Eventing, Tetrathlon, PoloCrosse, Pony racing, Mounted Games. For more information about each discipline please visit to go to the main Pony Club website and click on "Sports Within The Pony Club"



If you would like to know more about Endurance Riding please Click here. We have a strong interest in Endurance and have done very well in the Endurance Championships. It is a good discipline to be involved in if you want to learn about how to get a horse fit and improve it's stamina and if want to get out in to the open with your horse. This discipline does not involve jumping so great if you don't like to leave the ground. It is also a good discipline to do if you enjoy eventing as you get your horse fit and ready to compete whilst having some fun. 



Tetrathlon appeals to lots of members but it seems to be one that particularly attracts the boys. There are training sessions which are run to improve your shooting and our members seem to have some really fun days out when they are competing. If you would like to know more about Tetrathlon please Click here for more information.


Please ensure that if you are asked to represent the branch at any area competitions that you are available to go to the Championships if you qualify.  The Championship dates for 2019 will be published on our website when available.

Copies of 2019 rule books for all disciplines are on If you are competing this year please take a minute to look through them and if you are asked to be in a team this year make sure you read them thoroughly! Pay particular attention to the parts regarding turn-out of both horses and riders (plain numnahs, no jewellery, legal bits, tack to name a few).